Dental Management of the Cancer Patient

Dental Management of the Cancer Patient equips the dentist and dental professional with the guidance and knowledge to become an active member of the healthcare team in the treatment of cancer. Covering not just the traditional and vital role of the dentist in identifying pre-cancerous and cancerous oral lesions, but expanding that role to include the dental treatment of patients undergoing therapy for pre-existing oral and non-oral cancers, particularly those that affect the patient's oral health, it offers practical protocols and clinical information. Written by a team of experts from dental, oncology, and surgery backgrounds, Dental Management of the Cancer Patient deals first with the detection and diagnosis of pre-cancerous and cancerous oral lesions, describing how to conduct head and neck exams as part of the standard dental check-up. It deals with the disease process, referrals, and working with other members of the healthcare team. The second part of the book looks at the effects of various cancer therapies on the oral cavity and offers direction on how to adapt dental treatment to the patient's needs during this time. Particular focus is given to therapies that have a direct impact on the mouth, such as radiation to the head and neck and chemotherapy. When and when not to suggest elective and essential dental care is also discussed. Dental Management of the Cancer Patient will appeal to dentists, dental hygienists, and dental specialists who seek to continue to expand their capabilities and role within the healthcare team. This unique guide will also equip students with the necessary information to confidently and ably offer systematic care to cancer patients and oral cancer prophylaxis to all patients.