Decoloniality and Gender in Jamaica Kincaid and Gisele Pineau: Connective Caribbean Readings

This book interconnects the fiction of two prominent contemporary women writers from the Caribbean diaspora across the anglophone and francophone contexts. It makes a timely intervention into the fields of Caribbean and postcolonial studies via its multilingual focus and its framework of 'connective reading'. The book posits connective reading as a practice of reading in relation, rather than in comparison, to the Other. The book opens with a survey of current critical and theoretical directions and locates its argument within the paradigms of decoloniality and womanism. Chapters include an analysis of methods for decolonizing Caribbean women's fiction, as well as close readings of individual texts and connective readings of Kincaid and Pineau's oeuvres. This study features underexplored texts, in addition to previously untranslated work. It addresses a range of motifs including: trauma, memory, ecology, photography, folk magic/medicine, and labour migration.