Debating Issues in American Education: A SAGE Reference Set

Education of America's school children always has been and always will be a hot-button issue.a From what should be taught to how to pay for education to how to keep kids safe in schools, impassioned debates emerge and mushroom, both within the scholarly community and among the general public.a Further, these debates are not merely academic; they involve very real consequences directly impacting the quality of learning and the future health of our democracy.a In light of the need to keep students in schools of education, researchers, and other interested readers up-to-date on the status of American education, this 10-volume set uses introductory essays, or headnotes,afollowed by pointunterpoint articles and recommended Further Readings &BAD:amp; Resources, to explore prominent and perennially important debates, providing views on multiple sides of issues for those planning careers as tomorrowAEs educators.