A Death in Washington: Walter G Krivitsky and the Stalin Terror

This study of Krivitsky, one of the most revalatory defectors of the Stalin period, is long overdue. Kern brings to the task, and very usefully interprets, a remarkable body of materials, much of it prreviously unknown. -Robert Conquest, author of The Great Terror *Revelatory study of the first of the great defectors from Stalin's Russia and the man who blew the whistle on the Philby spy group *Provides unique insight into the inner workings of the Kremlin *A real life espionage thriller Walter Krivitsky was arguably the first, and one of the most significant, examples of that most remarkable of phenomena, the Soviet intelligence defector. Such individuals have proved exceptionally useful in allowing western intelligence agencies gain an insight into the Kremlin's most secret activities, and they have been responsible for the identification of the overwhelming majority of spies and traitors arrested before and during the Cold War. This is the first book to recover all the original documents released by the British archives in 2002 and the FBI, and reveals for the first time the truth behind Krivitsky's remarkable career.