Dear God

What would happen if you decided to email God... and God emailed back? It was during one of his periodic bouts of smouldering resentment at the way his life had turned out that William Penfold first thought of emailing God. It seemed more modern than praying, somehow. More up-to-date. Anyway, he didn’t want to pray. He wanted to protest. He’d been on this earth about 70 years give or take. The point was he did not like the way he was living. Most of the time he was angry about things. He didn’t want to be perpetually angry. He wanted serene comfort. He would tell The Lord about it all and see if He could put it right... William Penfold is an angry wreck of a man, drinking too much and depressed at the way his life has turned out. He is one of life’s eccentrics who is aware that his life was once very different but he refuses to try to remember the past. He decides to email God to protest about all this – only to get an enigmatic reply! As they exchange emails, William’s life changes for the better, in a most surprising way, and he finds himself becoming someone with social standing and friends in the community. A case of from Zero to Hero!Dear God is a quirky, entertaining, but thought-provoking first novel by Josephine Falla.