Dead Tide Rising

THE LIVING DEAD TERROR RISES AND ENGULFS THE WORLD! The progression of the virus was too rapid to be contained. There would be no cease-fire, or thought of peace talks. The President of the United States strategizes over his few last moves, recalling the troops still overseas, and cowers in his bunker, hoping for a miracle to save his country and his family. Meanwhile, the drama plays out for those who still survive...trapped on the Pinellas County Peninsula on Florida's West Coast. Some still struggle on scattered in groups, or alone, fighting, dying, loving, and hating: President Foster; Talaski, the cop; Trish, the dancer; Jacobs, the special ops soldier; Morgan Blake, janitor; Janicea, the activist; Dead-Eye Johnny, the discount store cart pusher; and many more. All of them, caught together, against the backdrop of humanity's swansong, trying to escape to a place far from the maddened crowd.