De Voil Indirect Tax Service

Mixed media product
All the information a practitioner might need on indirect tax is set out in De Voil. As well as VAT, De Voil covers Customs Duties, Insurance Premium Tax, Air Passenger Duty, Landfill Tax, Climate Change Levy and Aggregates Levy. Relevant HMRC Revenue & Customs Briefs are included as well as HMRC Notices and Tribunal Guidance Notes. De Voil provides expert commentary in this complex field of taxation and is thoroughly cross-referenced to the source material. Useful case digests are also reproduced and a thorough index is included. In order to keep pace with the constant changes in the subject, De Voil is updated on a monthly basis (and incorporates the bi-weekly online service updates). The 2nd edition of Tolley's Value Added Tax annual is also included as part of your subscription. The commentary and materials are well indexed and logically arranged in divisions, ensuring that the text is readily accessible. CD-ROM is available in Bos or Folio format and includes access rights to: * Full text of HMRC Guidance Manuals on VAT and insurance premium tax (CD) * VAT Tribunal Decisions database * Orange Book legislation * Finance Act Handbook (CD) Subscribers to De Voil Indirect Tax Service will also have access to Tolley's Practice Support - a free, telephone advice service offering advisory calls. The advice line can be used to provide guidance, support or merely a second opinion on all areas of direct and indirect taxation.