David Leadbetter 100 Percent Golf

David Leadbetter, the game's greatest and most successful golf coach, presents a compendium of golf and golf instruction, drawing on a lifetime's experience of playing and teaching the game. For more than 30 years, David Leadbetter has played and then taught the game of golf to an ever-expanding world audience, who have devoured his teachings in book and video form. Now, for the first time he compresses all the knowledge he has gathered over the years and presents it in this one volume. Leadbetter, who came to world prominence in the late 1980s after he helped Nick Faldo dismantle and then rebuild his swing, has also coached players of the calibre of Nick Price, Greg Norman, Ernie Els and most recently, Lee Westwood. In the process he has earned himself an unrivalled reputation as 'the man' to remedy a troubled golf swing. In 1999, top American magazine Golf Digest voted him the best coach of all-time, and few would argue. Leadbetter's 100% Golf is the defining point of a lifetime's theories, teachings, tips and drills. It is a thorough compendium of knowledge, detailing every aspect of the swing and game in general, in the minutest detail. From alignment, ball position and driving, to fitness, mental toughness and problem lies, this volume, Leadbetter's seminal work, contains everything the practising golfer will ever need to know.