Data Mining: Data Mining, Protection, Detection and Other Security Technologies

This book is a compilation of papers presented at the Ninth International Conference on Data Mining and Information Engineering. Data mining, including text mining and business applications, is a field of active current research and development that can yield substantial knowledge from data gathered from a wide range of applications. Many institutions have derived considerable benefits from these applications, and are now applying the methodology to increasing effect. Information engineering systems can be applied in many areas, including environmental conservation, economic planning, resource integration, cartography, urban planning, risk assessment, pollution control and transport management. The conference reflected ways in which this technology plays an active role in linking economic development and environmental conservation planning.Of interest to researchers from academia and industry, as well as application developers from many areas, the papers in these proceedings are arranged into the following topics: Data preparation; Clustering technologies; Customer relationship management; Text mining; Web mining; Categorization methods; Applications in science and engineering; Information systems strategies and methodologies; Applications in business, industry and government; Security applications; Applications in medicine and genetics; and Economic intelligence.