Darfur: The Long Road to Disaster

In Darfur: The Long Road to Disaster, Burr and Collins have updated their original 1999 volume with additional chapters. The new title is not a publisher's gimmick: this is indeed the prehistory of Darfur's tragedy, and it is essential, if difficult, reading for any serious student of the crisis... Not only does it provide an account of a history indispensable for understanding Darfur, but it is a salutary reminder of how intractable conflicts in the Chad basin can be. --African Studies Review Millard Burr and Robert Collins' book documents the twists and turns in this long-running saga.... This edition brings the story almost up to date. - Times Higher Education Supplement A lively and informative study... The authors consider ethnic, religious, cultural, technological, geographic, and meteorological variables and present brief enlightening political portraits of the stories' protagonists. - Foreign Affairs Review a timely, useful contribution... well documented and lucidly written. - International Journal of Middle East Studie