Dare to Live: Reflections on Fear, Courage and Wholeness

Living without fears and living with wholeness increases our quality of life and makes us happier. Because fear acts as a brake and prevents you from doing what you want to do; it doesn't allow your energy to flow and weakens your wellbeing and health in general. Also, fear blocks the capacity to reason out of freedom, discern between possible paths or begin new, clear ones. Deciding under the influence of fear does not usually lead to plenitude, or to the clarity of ideas, transparency or light. To become strong you have to free yourself from some weaknesses and complexes and, above all, stop comparing yourself to others.In exchange, accepting yourself strengthens your qualities and helps you to be yourself. Free yourself of the influences that deaden you, those that diminish your capacity to love, shine, feel free and be at peace. They are outside influences, but also can arise within you like those recorded from your past or your habits, or your beliefs and your way of thinking. Know yourself, heal the wounds that keep the pain locked inside you and let it go in order to be able to live better. If your behavior is motivated by love, gratitude, peace or co-operation, you generate an energy that attracts the positive and awakens enthusiasm and hope because you are freeing yourself of the paralysis that fear brings about and you begin to be yourself; your creativity flows and you feel the strength to accept, confront and change. You can enjoy plenitude in this present moment. Don't waste a second!