Dancing with Dr Kildare

When her father dies, Nina Hannay returns to her childhood home in Norfolk. Going through his belongings she discovers an aged music manuscript hidden in a locked desk, written in her father's hand but boasting a genius he never possessed. Nina's love of music was first inspired by her father and she grew up with a passion for Sibelius and the violin, as well as an obsession with tango instilled by her best friend's parents, the British tango champions. But the happy days spent watching them perform were overshadowed by the dark reality of Nina's own family life: tiptoeing around her warring parents, Nina lived her life in a shadow of fear created by her irrational father whose chronic hypochondria convinced him that he was dying. Desperate to help but unable to reach her father, Nina began to crumble along with her family, frantically bandaging her toys instead and watching episodes of Dr Kildare, the hero who can fix any ailment. Now clinging to the last vestige of her father, Nina begins to trace the music's origins but is continually lead back to her father's native Finland, and realises that before she solves the mystery of the manuscript, she must first probe deep into her family's past and confront a dark secret that has lain dormant for decadesa