Dance Music from the Ballets de Cour, 1575-1651: Historical Commentary, Source Study, and Transcriptions from the Philidor Manuscripts

Series: Dance & Music S. (v. 7)
David Buch's informative volume is the first modern study edition and commentary dealing with almost all of the surviving French five-part scores of dance music from the ballets de cour 1575-1651. These full scores are especiall y important since most ballets from this time are preserved only in two-part readings (melody and bass). The exception here is a newly-created five-part score for the Ballet des Nations based on an original two-part setting. Also included are the six Allemandes from 1575 to ca. 1600 a Ballet cheval of 1615 a selection of miscellaneous Entres from several ballets prepared for the Concert Louis XIII par les Viollons et lest 12 Grands hautbois of 1627 and Philidor's five-part reading of seventeen Entres from the Ballet du Roy des Festes de Baccus of 1651.