Dali and I: The Surreal Story

Art dealer Stan Lauryssens made millions in modern art, but he only sold one name: Salvador Dali. The surrealist painter's work was a hot commodity for the newly rich, investors and businessman looking to launder black-market cash. Stan didn't mind looking the other way; he just hoped the buyers would do the same. The artworks he sold came from some very shady sources. And he soon discovered that the shadiest source of them all was Salvador Dali himself. The more successful Stan became, the closer he got to Dali's inner circle, until he found himself living next door to the ageing artist. There, while Stan hid from Interpol detectives, he learned more about Dali's secret history, the studio of artists who produced his work, and the money-making machine that kept Dali's extravagant lifestyle afloat long after his creativity began to flounder. Dali and I offers a behind-the-scenes view of the commerce and conspiracy that can go hand-in-hand in the art world, written by a man who has been to the top only to discover it was no different than the bottom.