Vimrod Dads

Series: Vimrod
Dad's are great. They cook (ok, order fish and chips), clean (the car), entertain (if you can count snoring on the sofa after Sunday lunch entertaining) and can act as a free taxi service and a bank machine at the same time! No wonder you want to show how much you love and appreciate him with this irreverent and devilishly cheeky collection. He's called 'Daddy' when you're little or when you want something very expensive; 'Father' when you get older and are trying to be condescending; 'Pop' or 'Granddad' when you get kids of your own, and *?!@ when he says the forbidden phrase 'You're not going out like that!' But deep down, he's always the same old Dad. Show the most special man in the world how much you love, appreciate and respect him with a collection of funny and profound illustrations. dad, you're the best. When I'm old I want to do everything the way you do it, except the way you eat, the way you dance, and some of your opinions are, well, crap. Simple but bold illustrations with bright and cheery colours make this the perfect gift for the man with the bottomless wallet and the hairless head (aka Dad).