D-Day 60th Anniversary: Normandy Landings : a 19-year-old's Diary with Unique Photos

'.we had to fight two wars, one against the sea and the other against the Germans.' one of the youngest naval officers to engage in prolonged action on the Normandy beaches during operation overlord in June 1944. Their first beaching took place with his landing craft filled with American Stuart tanks. account and clearly attested by the over twenty-five of his own photographs. Because of the leaky state of his LCT Mark V, Sub-Lt. Carter was kept in Normandy for three weeks of hard toil delivering armaments and supplies all along the invasion beachhead, experiencing horrific storms and the break-up of his craft. and gives us a chilling overview of the chaos that turned - miraculously - into triumph. After sixty years, it is well to remember how much we owe to the men who landed on D-Day, and to those, like the author, who helped ensure their victory.