Curriculum Theory: Conflicting Visions and Enduring Concerns

Curriculum Theory: Conflicting Visions and Enduring Concerns examines the actual curriculum and instructional beliefs that influence the construction, teaching, and administration of curriculum in American schools. It describes and analyzes four educational visions that have influenced, and continue to influence, American schools and educators. The authors also describe the effects that these competing visions can have on the professional lives of educators over the span of their careers. This provides readers with a sympathetic understanding of the four conflicting visions of curriculum that will enable them to both reflect on their own educational beliefs and allow them to more productively interact with educators who might hold different beliefs. Key Features: o Presents readers with a clear, sympathetic, and unbiased perspective on the major curriculum philosophies (ideologies, viewpoints, or visions for schooling) that have exerted influence on American educators and schooling over the last century o Stimulates readers to better understand their own beliefs while also providing them an understanding of the range of alternate ways of thinking about the fundamental goals of education o Helps educators to more effectively clarify and shape their own curriculum goals, as well as empower them to realize their goals as educators o Enables readers to more easily accept changes in their own evolving curricular beliefs and pursue new curricular initiatives.