Cultural Awareness in the Human Services: A Multi-Ethnic Approach

This text is distinguished by the anthropological or ethnographic approach to cross-cultural or multicultural social work practice. James Green is an anthropologist who brings a unique perspective to social work practice, moving well beyond cultural sensitivity to issues of professional practice. The text is based on an established model, that of help-seeking behavior, that is also widely used in cross-cultural psychiatric and medical work. New topics addressed in this edition include the recent DSM-IV (with its first-time inclusion of a section on cultural formations ); post-modernism in the social services, with its emphasis on narratives as a means of understanding cases; cultural competence and qualitative evaluation in agencies; new material on work with translators; and the emergence of biracial and bicultural consciousness in American popular culture. New end-of-chapter sections called Follow Up include cases, learning activities, and notes on recent social service literature relevant to chapter discussions. The chapters on major ethnic groups in America have been updated with current material from the social services literature.