Cultivating High-Quality Teaching Through Induction and Mentoring

The research shows that induction and mentoring programs are effective. While many schools have instituted induction and/or mentoring programmes, we know little about what actually works in these types of programmes. Carol A Bartell bridges the gap between knowledge and practice with this book. Through her extensive research on induction and mentoring programs, she has identified the elements of successful programmes. Induction programmes are systematic, organized plans for the support and development of new teachers in the initial 1-3 years of service. Because teachers begin with different levels of preparation, the author addresses how to differentiate programmes to meet differing needs, from teachers who have completed a traditional university programme to those who have entered teaching through alternative certification. It also looks at how various school environments (urban, suburban, and rural) affect the first three years of teaching. Rather than focusing on survival skills, this book emphasizes high-quality teaching through the use of standards-based teaching, teacher assessments, and reflective practice. The book also contains a special emphasis on under-prepared teachers and urban schools-those most in need of effective induction and mentoring and also the group that benefits the most from these types of programmes