Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a form of complementary therapy that channels the powerful energies of these beautiful and intricate gemstones. Every crystal has a unique vibrational resonance that can restore balance to the body's energy systems, enhancing our spiritual, mental and physical well-being. The powers of crystals can be harnessed in many different ways - placed on or around the body in specific formations, worn next to the skin as jewellery, used in meditation, visualisation or reflexology, or even placed around the home to re-direct its energy flow. Crystal Healing provides an exciting window into the world of crystal therapy. Chapter by chapter it leads the reader through the many problems endemic to modern living - physical aches and pains, emotional upsets, stress management, spiritual development and environmental change - and presents a selection of healing techniques appropriate for everyday use. Guided visualisations and meditations help to deepen the experience of balancing body and mind, and appear alongside clear advice on what the most important healing crystals are for each situation, as well as practical tips on how to get the best from them. Essential reference information is given on a basic repertoire of 20 core crystals; in addition, a useful quick-reference crystal directory at the back of the book succinctly covers 100 crystals in all. From insomnia to migraines, from depression to the upheaval of moving house, this book helps you find a way to tackle any specific issues you feel need targeting in your life, as well as to bring general improvements, through crystals, to your physical and emotional well-being.