Criminology: The Essentials

This well-written overview of the major theoretical perspectives and crime types covered in most introductory criminology courses covers the most up-to-date theories and research of the field in a concise, cost-effective format. Each chapter includes chapter-opening vignettes, photos, case studies, and tables and figures to engage student interest. In the often-difficult theory chapters, summary tables that compare and contrast theories and Concluding Policy and Prevention sections promote a deep understanding of criminological concepts. New to this edition: *An all-new Chapter 5, Crime as Choice: Rationality, Emotion, and Criminal Behavior, covers rational choice, routine activities, and cultural/anarchic theories, enabling a discussion of the role of emotions in criminality. *A new discussion explores the positive and negative aspects of emotions *The Theory in Action boxes illustrate chapter material with interesting case studies and now include review questions. *All chapters have been thoroughly updated with the new events in crime and criminology, as well as the latest crime statistics and empirical advances. *Fascinating new case studies featuring major criminals illustrate the theories. *New, expanded coverage of drug trafficking, human trafficking, weapons trafficking, money laundering, and school shootings has been added. *New tables with updated data and illustrations appear in every chapter.