Criminal Appellate Procedure

This casebook fills a niche for in-depth teaching materials on appellate procedure in federal and state criminal cases. It uses edited opinions-together with constitutional provisions and statutes-to provide a substantial platform for enhancing case-reading skills and analytical ability while exploring basic appellate procedure doctrine. Notes and questions tie appeals to trial processes and offer broadened historical, comparative, and terminology insights. It covers purposes of appeal, limitations and conditions on appeal rights (e.g., plea limitations, final decision, harmless error, forfeiture principles, standards of review, and abatement), and the ancillary rights afforded defendants (e.g., the right to counsel, transcripts, bail). There is an in-depth chapter on prosecution appeals and double jeopardy which provides particular insights into the relation of appellate procedure to trial court procedure. This book may be used in an advanced capstone elective course focusing on d