Crime, Deliquency and Justice: A Caribbean Reader

This reader presents fresh insights on the rapidly expanding and changing crime-related problems in the Caribbean as well as provides information on new dimensions of crime and criminology that are occurring with increasing regularity. A path-breaking and comprehensive work, Crime Delinquency and Justice: A Caribbean Reader has come at a time when all societies in the Caribbean region are grappling with crime in all its forms; and when the structure of the justice system on which all these societies are founded is being challenged to adjust to changes in society locally and internationally. The work addresses both theoretical and practical issues indicated by the broad range of areas covered including: Theorizing a Caribbean Criminology; Juvenile Delinquency and Public Policy; Domestic Violence and the Criminal Justice System; Community Policing, Police Styles and Use of Force; Corrections; Crime Statistics; the Jury System; Drug Trafficking; Terrorism, Social Upheaval and Political Violence and Human Trafficking. Much of the contributions are research and data-driven and overall have policy development as their focus. This makes the volume suitable for courses in criminology and criminal justice at both the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as for specialist courses in various aspects of policing and law enforcement.