Creating Computer Simulation Systems: An Introduction to the High Level Architecture

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2251A-0 *Master HLA: The worldwide standard for simulation and modeling components *Detailed coverage for decision-makers and technical professionals. *Extended tutorial example: apply HLA to a real-world problem The comprehensive guide to HLA, the worldwide standard for simulation components! If you want to succeed in the new worldwide market for plug-in simulation components, Creating Computer Simulation Systems will show you how. This is the only comprehensive guide to the High Level Architecture (HLA), the new global standard for creating component-based computer models and simulations. HLA was recently adopted by the field's #1 customer, the United States Department of Defense-but it will be equally exciting for commercial applications, even including gaming. In this book, recognized leaders of the HLA community present detailed coverage for decision-makers, software engineers, architects, and project managers alike.Coverage includes: *A high-level overview of HLA's technical and business rationale *HLA architecture and components, including the Runtime Infrastructure (RTI) and Federation Object Model (FOM) *An extended tutorial that shows HLA at work solving a significant real-world simulation problem *Advanced technical topics related to HLA implementation *Extensive programming examples throughout the book and on website The accompanying website contains a complete implementation of the HLA Runtime Infrastructure for Windows compatible and other computers, as well as Test Federate software you can use to invoke HLA services without coding. Whether you're a manager, developer, or integrator, HLA will drive the next revolution in simulation-and this book can help you play a leading role.