Create a Healthy Workplace: Achieve a Healthy Bottom Line

As organisations have flattened and software has driven decision making down to the customer-facing employee, we rely more and more heavily on flexibility, quick thinking, creative responses, and good ideas from these employees. In this book Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin uses Abraham Maslows hierarchy of needs as a guide to design and manage creative, innovative, productive workplaces that nurture the knowledge workers who drive our economy. Beginning with how to secure the foundation -- the physical requirements of a healthy workplace -- the book addresses the hidden barriers to high performance inherent in todays work environments in the areas of safety, community, and psychological well-being. The book provides techniques for creating workplaces that better enable employees to be creative, solve problems, innovate, act ethically, and be open to change. To help with your healthy workplace initiatives, the book offers extended appendices featuring sources for alternative products covering all aspects of the workplace, sources of information and support on psychological stress issues, and the World Health Organization Healthy Workplace Framework.