Core Java 2 Resource Kit

Series: Core Series
Mixed media product
Core Java 2 Resource Kit delivers real-world guidance you need to solve the most challenging programming problems. It includes everything developers need from up-to-date coverage of core APIs to the latest material on XML and Java, collections, native methods, security, and Swing. Cay Horstmann identifies the problems experienced Java platform developers encounter most often, and delivers insightful, expert-level guidance for addressing them-together with even more of the robust, sample code that have made Core Java an international bestseller for five straight years. You'll gain new insights into networking, remote objects, JDBC API, internationalization, and a whole lot more. For experienced programmers, Core Java 2 Resource Kit provides the answers that they need to take full advantage of the power of Java technology and to get the job done as efficiently as possible. State-of-the-art information for advanced Java technology development, including: Thoroughly updated coverage of multithreading, collections, and networking; completely revised coverage of remote objects; Sophisticated new techniques for utilizing JavaBeans component architecture; and advanced GUI-building techniques leveraging both Swing and AW.