Controversies in Total Knee Replacement

In the 35 years since the first knee replacement surgery was attempted, there have been numerous changes in the way the prostheses are designed and the manner in which they are implanted. We are now in the fortunate position of being able to report that 95% of patients undergoing a knee replacement report extraordinary relief of pain and the ability to return to an active and productive life. However, the field is not static and there remain areas of controversy. This book examines many of the unresolved issues in total knee replacement surgery. Each controversial issue is addressed in the format of a debate, with authors from either side of the controversy putting their points of view and then responding to a series of questions, posed by the editor, who acts as the moderator of the discussion. In addition, there are two non-debate chapters, one covering the value of knee replacement to society and the patient, and the other on the precise methodology of collecting and expressing outcome data. All of the contributors are international experts in their fields and have lectured and written extensively. This book will ensure that the knowledge of today can help to further improve the surgical results of tommorrow.