Controversies in Psychotherapy and Counselling

`My congratulations to Colin Feltham for assembling a set of contentious issues and lively authors which together made me forget my surroundings' - Person-Centred Practice `Editor Colin Feltham's choice of topics shows an astute, on-the-ground awareness of the issues that dog the industry, while still making lively reading' - New Therapist In this book, leading practitioners, critics and commentators take sides on many topical and core debates including: * Theoretical issues: Does the unconscious really exist? Is birth trauma a fiction? Should one believe in `false memories'? * Clinical issues: Is therapy effective? Is `the relationship' central to success? Do therapists pathologize their clients? Are boundaries necessary? * Professional issues: Do trainees need therapy? Is professionalization of the field desirable? Are counselling and psychotherapy really distinguishable? * Social issues: Can therapy be proven necessary? Does therapy benefit individuals or contribute to social control? Does stress really exist?