Controversies in American Politics and Society

Controversies in American Politics and Society provides students with up-to-date reviews of the main controversies in American politics and society. Designed particularly to complement David McKay's best-selling American Politics and Society (Fifth Edition, 2001), it can also be used alongside other similar texts, to supply a more in-depth discussion of key American political and social issues. The controversies are divided broadly into those involving the institutions and processes of government and those involving government policies. Some of the debates, such as abortion and gun control, are part of every day discourse, while others, such as the role of Federalism, are debated in the quality media and among academics. The book stimulates students' interest by offering a range of arguments for and against a particular position. In presenting the controversies, each of the three authors takes a considered position, while ensuring that the reader gains a full appreciation of all sides of the debate.