Contributions To Probability And Statistics: Applications And Challenges - Proceedings Of The International Statistics Workshop

Contributed by world renowned researchers, the book features a wide range of important topics in modern statistical theory and methodology, economics and finance, ecology, education, health and sports studies, and computer and IT-data mining. It is accessible to students and of interest to experts.Many of the contributions are concerned with theoretical innovations, but all have applications in view, and some contain illustrations of the applied methods or photos of historic mathematicians.A few of the notable contributors are Ejaz Ahmed (Windsor), Joe Gani (ANU), Roger Gay (Monash), Atsuhiro Hayashi (NCUEE, Tokyo), Markus Hegland (ANU), Chris Heyde (ANU/Columbia), Jeff Hunter (Massey), Phil Lewis (Canberra), Heinz Neudecker (Amsterdam), Graham Pollard (Canberra), Simo Puntanen (Tampere), George Styan (McGill), and Goetz Trenkler (Dortmund).