Yale French Studies, Number 112: The Transparency of the Text: Contemporary Writing for the Stage

Paperback / softback
Josette Feral & Donia Mounsef Editors' Preface: The Transparency of the Text Part I: Avant and Apres Garde Tom Bishop Whatever Happened to the Avant-Garde? Jean-Pierre Ryngaert Paroles en lambeaux et ecritures d'entreparleurs Bernadette Bost Beyond Drama: Total Theater Ariane Eissen Myth in Contemporary French Theater: A Negotiable Legacy Josette Feral Language Crossings: The Unspoken Must Be Said Part II: (Under)writing the Stage David Bradby Michel Vinaver: From Writing to Staging Donia Mounsef The Language of Desire and the Desire for Language in the Theatre of Koltes and Cixous Clare Finburgh Voix/Voie/Vie: The Voice in Contemporary French Theatre Mary Noonan L'Art de l'ecrit s'incarnant: The Theatre of Noelle Renaude Part III: Disputed Textualities Judith Miller Is There A Specifically Francophone African Stage Textuality? Sylvie Chalaye Contemporary Francophone Writings for the Theater from Africa and the West Indies Yves Jubinville Death and Birth of the Author: Toward a New History of Quebecois Playwriting Philippa Wehle Waiting for the Next Big Thing : Why Do American Audiences Have Such Difficulty with Contemporary French Playwrights?