Contemporary Surgical Management of Fractures and Complications: Pediatrics: Volume 3

Contemporary Surgical Management of Fractures and Complications, Volume Three provides orthopaedic surgeons with the most up to date information on the treatment of paediatric fractures and avoidance of complications. Each of the twelve chapters presents a specific type of paediatric fracture, guiding surgeons step by step through the history, clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment, complications and their management. A complete chapter is dedicated to paediatric spine trauma and the importance of early diagnosis and appropriate management. Authored by internationally recognised experts from Pennsylvania, this comprehensive guide includes numerous clinical photographs, illustrations and tables. Volumes one and two, authored by Asif Ilyas and Saqib Rahman, also from Pennsylvania, published in March 2013. Key points * Provides orthopaedic surgeons with most recent information on treatment of paediatric fractures * Complete chapter dedicated to paediatric spine trauma * Internationally recognised Pennsylvania-based authors * Volumes one and two published in March 2013