Contemporary Political Thought: A Reader and Guide

Contemporary Political Thought: A Reader and Guide is a foundation textbook in political theory. It brings together readings by leading exponents of contemporary political theory with lucid introductions, and is the first book in the area to combine these pedagogical elements. The book is divided into 12 sections covering: * From the twentieth to the twenty-first centuries * interpreting political thought now and then * liberalisms * conservatisms * marxisms * communitarianism * feminism * ecologism and environmentalism * post-structuralism and post-modernism * multi-culturalism * political thought beyond the Western tradition * democratic theory for a new century Each section contains several influential texts that provide discussion of various key theoretical positions. The introductions elucidate some of the main currents within the area of thought, and the areas of most significant tension, give cross-references to other theories, and contextualise the readings that follow. An indispensable aid for students and lecturers alike, Contemporary Political Thought is a significant introduction to theoretical approaches to politics. Key Features * Contemporary Political Theory is a core course on most undergraduate politics degrees * '2 in 1' structure offers value for money for cash-strapped students * Each section includes a 5000-word introduction to the subject + 3 or 4 key texts * An annotated bibliography guides the student through the range of further reading * A large glossary (with c.250 entries) offers definitions of terms and biographies of figures found in the text * Cross-referencing used throughout the text