Contemporary Political Movements and the Thought of Jacques Ranciere: Equality in Action

In this book, Todd May shows how democratic progressive politics can happen and how it is happening in very different arenas. He takes an intensive look at a range of contemporary political movements and shows how, to one degree or another, they exemplify the political thought of Jacques Ranciere. May's easy, clear writing style means that no philosophical background is required. Following an essential overview of Ranciere's thought he considers the following groups: the Algerian refugee movement in Montreal for citizenship, the first Palestinian intifada, the politics of equality and identity politics in relation to the Zapatista movement, a local food co-op in South Carolina and an anarchist press in Oakland. Essentially this book shows how political theory and practice can enlighten one another and in an age of cynicism, fear and despair, Todd May suggests there is hope for the possibility of progressive democratic action. It will appeal to Ranciere students, scholars and political activists alike.