Contemporary Approaches of the Scientific Theory of Place Marketing: Place Branding in Globalized Conditions & Economic Crisis

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The contemporary economic crisis is one of the biggest in the global economy and has been forcefully applied to the real economy, revolting in a deep recession. Globalisation has in turn contributed to the faster transmission of the problem from country to country. This crisis disproportionally affects countries with small and medium development but also the medium and low social layers and small and medium entrepreneurship within countries. The stability of employment has fallen apart. The consequences of the economic crisis has brought out systemic problems and distortions in different sectors of productive activity; local communities and prefectures are examples of places in which, experience these consequences. The power of brands of significant value, and businesses at the global level, have also collapsed. The economic crisis also creates huge problems for the tourism sector which mainly consists of small and medium enterprises in southern European countries. This resulted in the tourist agents becoming unable to accommodate their customers' needs. This monograph consists of a useful tool for other and future researchers but also for the local communities of various regions in order to be able to design a real exit from the crisis.