Constable at the Fair

As Constable Nick awaits news of his future, he reminisces about times gone by in Aidensfield and recalls the variety of fairs he has attended; mop fairs, country fairs, game fairs, fun fairs, horse fairs, Scarborough Fair and even a mock old-fashioned fayre have all formed part of the rich pageant of history on his patch. The arrival of a noisy fun fair sparked off a hunt for a missing schoolgirl thought to have run away with a fairground worker; but her father had also vanished, and the discovery of a treasure trove and a long-dead body on the moors revived ancient memories of a mystery person going to Scarborough Fair. The Crampton mop fair was used as a cover for burglaries, the revival of St Aidan's Fair in Aidensfield created problems when the carefully planned advertisements were all removed, whilst a continuing worry was that the lovely Charlotte, a girl born on Monday and therefore fair of face, could not find romance. Dealing with these dilemmas, and more, was all part of Constable Nick's duty as the village constable.