Consolidated Treaty Series with Index 1648-1919

The Consolidated Treaty Series is the only collection of bilateral and multilateral treaties from 1648 through 1919. It provides coverage for 270 years before the League of Nations set begins in 1918 and the United Nations collection begins in 1945. These treaties were collected from archives, and published as facsimile reproductions. A limited number of these bound set remains and there will not be another printing. Impeccably organized finding tools include: A General Chronology Special Chronologies of Colonial and Postal/Telegraph Treaties An Index of Parties to Each Treaty General Chronology Volumes provide the following information for each entry: The date and place the treaty was signed The title of the treaty including the names of the parties The volume and page number of each treaty The source of each treaty Special Chronology Volumes index Colonial and Postal/Telegraph Treaties. They also provide useful supplementary notes on separate and secret articles and information on later amendment or modification. Party Index-Guides alphabetically group over 550 signatories under their modern geographic state names. Cross-references allow searches by historical, colonial, province names.