Consider the Lilies

Paperback / softback
Lily Rose had lived an unflattering, unnoticed life. She and her mother had never been close. Her mother had wielded religion like a leather belt, and Lily had submitted, but she had never trusted her mother's religious zeal. She and her brother, Andrew, were a little closer but not much. As far back as Lily could remember, nothing ever seemed quite right. Though not purely by choice, she had been a loner. People had always managed to use her in some way, and she eventually decided to avoid them. However, deep inside she wanted nothing more than to have a friend. She left the family farm and headed for the bright lights of New York fashion photography. Her dreams did not begin to take shape until an old family friend gave her the opportunity to work in his advertising agency. She felt like a new person, and she had begun to think she might have a normal life until her dreams led to a revelation that shattered the family, the agency, and her life.