Conscious Classroom Management: Unlocking the Secrets of Great Teaching

'[This] book takes a magnifying glass to great teaching, revealing the key assumptions that allow teachers to organize their teaching and discipline students in ways that invite student cooperation' - from the Foreword by Spence Rogers, Founder and Director, Peak Learning Systems 'Rick Smith peeks behind the invisible veil of good teaching to discover numerous enlightening classical concepts and techniques that all teachers can use to become better at their craft' - Rick Curwin, Author, Discipline with Dignity Make your job easier! Find out what really works for effective classroom management and reap the benefits of engaged and productive students! Conscious Classroom Management is a delightfully rich text that incorporates meaningful stories, insights, humour, and invaluable strategies for what really works in the classroom. And while classroom management is the primary factor behind how successful teachers can achieve sustained student learning, this wonderful text also addresses the human elements of teaching, focusing on three primary subjects: the students, the teacher, and the relationship between the two. Comprehensive and practical, Conscious Classroom Management helps you to: - Eliminate power struggles with your most challenging students - Discover how holding your ground can help students cooperate - Uncover your teacher presence while reducing stress - Create lessons that help students remain focused, eager, and willing to learn - Appreciate your craft at a deeper level - Think ahead and prepare to teach - Energize and invigorate how you mentor and train other teachers