Connect Students' Book 3

Paperback / softback
This brand new course Connect (book 3) from Longman will engage students as they develop their abilities in English language and literature. Written by educators from across the Caribbean, the course has been designed to ensure that students cover regional CSEC curriculum objectives (including R.O.S.E. and S.E.M.P) for success at lower secondary and beyond. Key merits include: a wide range of stimulating texts, including fiction, non-fiction, drama, poetry and media exciting step-by-step activities to perfect skills in speaking and listening, reading, writing and portfolio work review 'self-assessment' units to revise and extend what has been learnt so far a full-colour, highly-illustrated design and engaging writing style to motivate students margin boxes indicating additional facts of interest, hints and tips comprehensive grammar and 'word store' boxes to teach the mechanics of language a matching chart to show how each unit delivers regional syllabus exercises a free Teacher's Guide, including suggestions on lesson plans, extended exercises and reinforcement activities. a companion website containing further student activities and teacher support: