Series: Phoenix Poets
Phoenix Poets is the most distinguished university press series going. --Alfred Corn Compressed, controlled, circumscribed by the artist's discipline, the poems in Susan Hahn's Confession do not spill over; each is like a steadily held cup containing its pain. -- Alicia Ostriker from Confession In the cabinet with the lattice opening, I confess to all the calls and hang ups--obsessions with the glands and muscles of the hair: follicle, papilla, blood vessel-- the soft bulb at root's bottom that I love to pull out and suck. I knew Krishna, Lucifer and Zeus, phoned them late at night but would not speak. . . . ( Confession first appeared in Boulevard. ) Confession, the companion to Incontinence, Susan Hahn's previous prize- winning book of poetry, continues the probing, visceral account of the relationship of a woman with her estranged husband and her inconstant lovers. Ingenious, disturbing, Confession will enhance an already substantial following for this exceptional poet. Susan Hahn is co-editor of TriQuarterly and of TriQuarterly Books. Her previous books of poetry are Harriet Rubin's Mother's Wooden Hand and Incontinence, both published in the Phoenix Poets series by the University of Chicago Press.