Concealed Carry for Women

Concealed Carry for Women explains the mindset, skills, equipment and accessories necessary for successful concealed carry, with a focus on challenges unique to women: * Decide whether carrying a gun for self defense is right for you * Understand legalities and society's unwritten rules for armed citizens * Improve shooting skills for concealed carry * Integrate a concealed handgun into your life * Select a handgun * Learn how holsters work with the female figure * Women's fashions and concealed carry: what works, what doesn't Over the 18 years I've hosted Tom Gresham's Gun Talk radio show, I've taken calls from women all over the country, asking questions about whether it's smart to get a gun, what kind of gun to get, how to carry and the issues particular to women who carry. In Concealed Carry for Women, Gila Hayes covers the basics of handgun and equipment choices and techniques of shooting. She also addresses issues unique to women. Should I? Why? Can I? How do I? What if? What will people think? How can I carry a defensive handgun and still dress like a woman? Concealed Carry for Women is an easy read of a serious subject. With nearly every turn of the page there is an 'I never thought of that' nugget. This is a work you will reread several times, getting more with each visit. ~Tom Gresham, Host of Tom Gresham's Gun Talk radio show