Computational Nuclear Physics 1: Nuclear Structure

A variety of standard problems in theoretical nuclear-structure physics is addressed by the well-documented computer codes presented in this book. Most of these codes were available up to now only through personal contact. The subject matter ranges from microscopic models (the shell, Skyrme-Hartree-Fock, and cranked Nilsson models) through collective excitations (RPA, IBA, and geometric model) to the relativistic impulse approximation, three-body calculations, variational Monte Carlo methods, and electron scattering. The 5 1/4'' high-density floppy disk that comes with the book contains the FORTRAN codes of the problems that are tackled in each of the ten chapters. In the text, the precise theoretical foundations and motivations of each model or method are discussed together with the numerical methods employed. Instructions for the use of each code, and how to adapt them to local compilers and/or operating systems if necessary, are included.