Computational Methods in Contact Mechanics: Computer Methods and Experimental Measurements: 5th: International Conference Proceedings

Engineering fields such as fracture mechanics, fatigue, friction and wear, contact mechanics, and damage are closely related and responsible for the reliability and durability of mechanical systems. The importance of contact mechanics problems - complex, time dependent and highly non-linear problems due to changes in the geometry and friction over contact surfaces - has been established in recent years, while the development of modern computational methods means that it now possible to solve complex problems for which there are no analytical solutions. Demonstrating that the discipline is still undergoing rapid development, this book contains papers presented at the Fifth International Conference on Computational Methods in Contact Mechanics. The contributions included provide up-to-date details of all aspects of the numerical solution of such problems and are grouped into six different areas: multi-body contact; fracture, fatigue and wear; extrusion and forming processes; composite materials; soil-structure interaction; and computational methods.