Company Law

The latest edition of the Company Law Nutshell is a fully revised and updated text which takes account of all new legislation and case law since the publication of the last edition in 2008.The Companies (Amendment) Act, 2009, the Companies (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2009 and the Companies (Amendment) Act, 2012 are all referred to in the text.All relevant recent case law is examined to include the following;The latest cases dealing with the appointment of an examiner including Re Vantive Holdings and Ors [2009] IESC 68 and Re Gallium Limited [2009] IESC 8 are referred to. ACC Bank plc v McCann & Griffin [2012] IEHC 236 is examined wherein the High Court definitively stated that fraud within the company allows an outsider to avail of the Rule in Turquand s Case. The Quinn v IRBC [2012] IEHC 36 case is referred to which involves the unlawful provision of financial assistance for the purchase of shares.Glynn & McCabe v Owen [2007] IEHC 328 dealing with fraud on the minority as an exception to the Foss v Harbottle rule and Fanning v Murtagh et al [2008] IEHC 277 dealing with new requirements for derivative action plaintiffs are examined. The Rules of the Superior Courts (Derivative Actions) 2010 (SI 503/2010) which was prompted by the Fanning case is referred to.The updated text aims to provide students with the relevant legislative and judicial amendments to company law presented in a concise and clear format.