Como Te Va?: Nivel A

Created specifically for middle school Spanish students, Como te va? A, Nivel verde is the second book in the Como te va? series. With this exciting program, your students do more than just learn Spanish. They will live it-- and love it-- and so will you! A two-year middle school program may begin with Como te va? A, Nivel verde. Students move seamlessly from Nivel verde to Como te va? B, Nivel azul because Unit 6 of Nivel verde is repeated as Unit 1 of Nivel azul. Students who complete Como te va? A, Nivel verde and B, Nivel azul are fully prepared to begin Buen viaje! Level 2.Each unit of Como te va? includes required, recommended, and optional materials. The four major language skills, --listening, speaking, reading, and writing-- are supported with abundant opportunities for practicing Spanish in real-life situations.