c mo Te Va? Level a Nivel Verde, Student Edition

Created specifically for middle school Spanish students, C mo te va? A, Nivel verde is the second book in the C mo te va? series. With this exciting program, your students do more than just learn Spanish. They will live it-- and love it-- and so will you! A two-year middle school program may begin with C mo te va? A, Nivel verde. Students move seamlessly from Nivel verde to C mo te va? B, Nivel azul because Unit 6 of Nivel verde is repeated as Unit 1 of Nivel azul. Students who complete C mo te va? A, Nivel verde and B, Nivel azul are fully prepared to begin Buen viaje! Level 2.Each unit of C mo te va? includes required, recommended, and optional materials. The four major language skills, --listening, speaking, reading, and writing-- are supported with abundant opportunities for practicing Spanish in real-life situations.