Communication Unbound

Mixed media product
This new unbound product provides all the content, learning activities, and pedagogy for the basic communication course in an exciting and active format-online! Taking advantage of an online format, this text is rich with interactive resources-video, Web activities, study quizzes, review-oriented crossword puzzles, an electronic journal, and more-that enrich and enhance students' learning. Students begin by reading the basic text content either online or from the printed text, and then use the additional online features to reinforce and apply concepts. Providing the same type of content that instructors would expect to see in a traditional text for this course, Communication Unbound emphasizes the relational community in three main types of relationships: interpersonal, professional, small group, and speaker-audience. While its primary focus is the application of communication principles to face-to-face interactions, Communication Unbound also discusses how people interact through electronic channels in a way that only this type of product can. This product is equally appropriate for use in a traditional, classroom-format basic communication class or in a distance learning environment.