Common-Sense Classroom Management for Special Education Teachers, Grades K-5

`A great resource for new teachers and veterans . . . full of tips and ideas that any teacher can use to prevent problems from occurring. [It] should be in every special education classroom.' -Therese Kwiatkowski, Director of Special Education Cooperative Educational Service Agency `As a former special education teacher, I highly recommend this book for all those who want to be more effective in every aspect of their work. All of the special education teachers at my school will have copies of this practical guide.' -Marybeth Sandvig, Principal Manitoba K-8 School, Milwaukee, WI Special help for special education teachers means special success for students! Do you have too many IEPs on your desk? Is it five o'clock and do you still need to contact parents, social workers, and general education co-teachers? Teachers new to special education often feel overwhelmed at the amount of additional planning and information management required. This practical guide shows you how to shape the structure of the teaching day to ensure that learners with special needs experience success. It includes simple teacher-tested, easy-to-implement strategies needing 5 steps or fewer to: Organize students to make the most of the time you have with them Use incentive programs and meaningful consequences to achieve desired behaviors Coordinate with co-teachers, general education teachers, and staff to maximize your efforts When the key paperwork is at your fingertips, the lesson plan is prepared, and the to-do list is written, you will find more time in your day for what's most important-your students!