Joe Bor_BookD: Outlaw: The Story of Robin Hood

Series: BookD Podcast (34)
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BookD offers a fascinating perspective into the world of publishing. Listen to authors discuss their inspiration behind their books, and hear the story of how these books were transformed from the initial concept. Tune in every other week for conversations with the stars of literature, art, film, music, science and politics. Joe Bor is a comedian who talks about the differences between talking to huge audiences and making people laugh to sitting on your own in a studio talking to...well no one. Joe does warm up for the fabulous Graham Norton show and recently got picked to do the same show for the audiences for TV show 'Mock the Week' for Channel 4. He's an all round hilarious person and loves reading Childrens books it turns out! So sit back and plug into not only the new voice of Michael Morpurgo's 'Outlaw' but also the WINNER of Jewish Comedy Factor, a little bit like X factor but for Jews he say's.