Colorful Louisiana Cuisine in Black and White

Colorful Louisiana Cuisine in Black and White captures the essence of the unique blends that give Louisiana cooking its distinct taste. The combined effort of two Louisianans, one a descendant of slaves and the other a descendant of a plantation family who owned slaves, this edition includes more than six hundred delicious recipes from families that set a good table. Authors Bibby Tate and Ethel Dixon have joined forces to create a comprehensive cookbook that celebrates the unique cuisines of LouisianaCajun and Creoleand what each derived from French, Spanish, English, African, and Indian cultures. While some of the recipes have been modernized, others have been copied directly from their original 1800s versions. Each chapter is introduced with a vignette emphasizing various facets of Louisiana cooking. Artist renditions of a little black girl and a little white girl enjoying and experiencing the old Louisiana days set the stage for this intermingling of the areas many cultures to make for Bon Appetite Louisiana.